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How To Get Rid Of Fire Smoke Smell?

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that there are about 350,000 residential fires each year. It might be difficult for homeowners who have lost something in a fire to clean up and recuperate. Smoke residue can accumulate, leaving behind a persistent smell that can be challenging to eliminate if not handled.

The good news is that, with the right amount of effort, you can eliminate smoke odor in your home. There could be hidden dangers in the debris that, if disturbed, could hurt people or rekindle a fire. The cleanup can begin once the impacted region has been deemed safe.

It is crucial to take various safety precautions advised by Presto Company before starting any odor removal or cleanup, which is listed below.

  • Check with experts to verify the location is secure; do not enter any area again until officials have given you explicit instructions. Any premature entry could put your safety in danger.
  • Get in touch with your insurance representative; your policy may cover all cleanup and restoration costs. Consult an agent to confirm the resources that are at your disposal.
  • Take good care of your loved ones, including your pets, as any magnitude of fire can be upsetting for them. In such events, it is crucial to ensure that those affected receive the proper medical attention and have time to process the situation. This reflection period is crucial for individuals to understand how they can prevent any future accidents from happening.
  • Organize your accounts and paperwork. Before you start, verify that you have access to your personal information, financial data, and paperwork. The encounter will be smoother if you are more prepared.

After a significant fire, smoke odor can be challenging to eliminate. If you’ve tried to clean your home and its contents yourself and the smell is still there, you might want to hire a professional cleaning service.

Our emergency damage restoration team at presto Services has the equipment and supplies necessary to return a building to its pre-fire condition after a fire.

Here are the following steps taken by the Presto team to remove smoke;

  • To ventilate the building, they open all the windows. Even once the smoke smell is confined; it may still linger on interior surfaces. Moreover, they installed fans near the room and windows to remove soot.
  • Provides deep cleaning of the house using a series of chemicals and agents.
  • They provide repainting wall services to omit the odor absorbed by the affected wall paints.
  • They use electric filters to remove airborne particles in the house.
  • The team also cleans the carpets and rugs using disinfectant for a final finish.

These services are quite affordable, and the staff works systematically and effectively.

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