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Emergency Water Damage Restoration

When you notice water damage in your business or home, it’s imperative that you act fast. Every second that water remains in contact with your property, it will not only be damaging your property, it will also be establishing an environment that favors mold growth. Situations such as these require the assistance and expertise of a professional water damage restoration company.

Calling Presto Water Damage Services as soon as possible is your best chance to minimize damages and inhibit mold. As water restoration professionals and a licensed general contractor, we have the ability, experience, and manpower to handle water damage related disasters of any proportion. We are your trusted water restoration services company in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Call us for 24/7 water removal, water damage cleanup, and water damage restoration services.

Water Damage Restoration

Common Causes of Water Damage

Because of the variance in causes and types of water damage, the company you choose to help remove the water and eventually restore your property is actually quite important. A well experienced water removal company will have the equipment to handle any level of water damage, and the techniques needed to remove the water and preserve your property and belongings as much as possible. The most common causes of water damage that we come across in Las Vegas include:

Heavy Rains

Failed Appliances

Burst Pipes

Fire Extinguishing Efforts

Foundational Leak


6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Water Damage Mitigation Company

Is the mitigation company asking you to sign an Assignment of Benefits?
Can they provide proof that the company is properly licensed and insured?
Do they have water damage certifications through an organization such as IICRC or RIA (they will know what you mean if they are certified!)
Does the company have the necessary equipment to locate areas of damage not visible to the naked eye including infrared cameras, moisture sensors and moisture meters?
Does the company have the necessary drying equipment to ensure a complete and competent mitigation? Specifically air movers and dehumidifiers.
Will they work directly with your insurance company and not bill you?

Areas Of Concern For Mold Growth

Water damaged structures can be the perfect breeding place for mold. Unless water stains appear, moisture could go undetected until mold growth and odor problems occur.

Some areas can include:

  • Carpet padding
  • Drywall
  • Under wood and tile flooring
  • Cabinetry and framing
  • The inside of wall cavities
Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Restoration

Water Removal Services

Standing water is a major concern for the state of your property. The longer water sits without the intervention of water removal and water extraction services the greater the chances of structural instability, rotting of building materials, and mold. Presto Water Damage Services understands the intricacies of water removal services and works to extract any water from the home or business.

No matter how much water is impacting your space, FRDT has the water extraction equipment needed to perform the job quickly. Water removal services are accomplished with the help of truck-mounted water extraction pumps, vacuums, and mats. We utilize hydrometers and infrared cameras to identify hidden pockets of moisture that might otherwise go undetected. Trust our technicians to thoroughly document the water removal process to ensure your water damage claim receives fair coverage.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

Once you find water damage in your business or home, there is no turning back. Call Presto Water Damage Services to start the water damage restoration process immediately. When your call comes through, we dispatch our crew to inspect the property, identifying areas affected by water damage and determining the severity.

During water extraction, we utilize industry-leading, industrial-grade water extraction equipment including pumps, vacuums, and extraction mats. We aim to remove all standing water as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and minimize expenses.

Often times, water damage destroys the building materials of the property. In these events, unsalvageable materials are removed to reduce the risk of mold growth.

Drying and dehumidification comes next. With the building materials removed, we bring in blowers and dehumidifiers to rid the air of any remaining moisture. Moisture meters help our crew gauge the remaining levels of water in certain materials.

One of the best parts of working with Presto Water Damage Services is that we coordinate with your insurance company. To ensure your claim is covered, we document the entire process, with pictures of the damage, destroyed belongings, and invoices.

Presto Water Damage Services is Your Trusted Water Restoration Company

24/7 Emergency Services

When it comes to disasters, a quick response time is of the utmost importance. Our disaster response team is ready 24/7 whenever you need us for water extraction services.

Quick Estimates

When you call Presto Water Damage Services, we will send an expert to your property to evaluate the situation and provide you will a quick and accurate estimate for water damage restoration.

Industrial Equipment

Our industry leading, truck mounted, water extraction equipment allows us to remove water faster, minimizing the damage to your property. We are the most trusted water extraction company in the business!
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